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What we do


Innovation Projects/

NCE Finance Innovation seeks to create value by initiating and facilitating projects with and for our members. By engaging participants from across the cluster in cross-functional setups containing expertise from banking, tech, legal and more, we create unique synergies and results built on collaboration. 

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Norwegian Cognitive Center/

NCE Finance Innovation is a part of the The Norwegian Cognitive Center which builds competence on AI cross industries and public sector, by training AI platforms on new industries and problems, and by laying the foundation for new research and knowledge.

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Innovation Groups/

NCE Finance Innovation runs and facilitates innovation groups with a strong interdisciplinary focus. We have a unique composition of members with highly skilled people, and we believe that innovation happen when these people meet. The innovation groups are initiated by the cluster members. We currently have two active groups working on KYC/AML and Open Banking, but there is always room for more.

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NHH Fintech MBA/

In 2018 The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) initated an MBA program tailored to business leaders and fintech enthusiasts. NCE Finance Innovation and its members were a part of the development of the program.

The MBA is a part-time program that will enable you to better understand the challenges and opportunities created by the ongoing Fintech revolution, and how to translate this knowledge into better decisions.

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EU Advisory/

Finance Innovation has its own EU Advisor, which works closely with our members to identify opportunities at a European level. The focus is on looking for project calls through Horizon 2020 / Horizon Europe where innovation and competencies within the cluster can help produce the desired project results.

Fintech incubator/

The cluster's fintech incubator helps entrepreneurs and startups launch and kickstart their ideas. We look for innovative solutions related to banking, finance and insurance. We define fintech in the broadest sense, so your idea or product doesn’t have to be developed with fintech in mind, so long as it has an application within the field.

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Sparring partner/

The cluster administration is always available for members who need assistance with various projects or applications to Innovation Norway or the Norwegian Research Council.

We are happy to be a sparring partner and look through applications, however we will not write any applications on behalf of members unless this is a cluster project.
Contact the team if you have projects or applications to discuss.