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Take control of your credit

Cluster member Horde wants to improve your private economy. With many credit suppliers and options to choose from, it’s easy to lose track of what you owe and how much it actually costs you.

Hordes new app allows you to see the balance of all your credit cards and consumer loans, how big your credit limit is, what you owe and to which interest rate. Frontend Developer Per Oscar Andersen thinks people might be surprised to see how much credit they actually have.

Feedback from users show that they have active credit cards they didn’t know about. Some say it’s an oversight, whilst others have asked the issuer to cancel the card without any luck. Horde makes sure this process is simplified.

– Per Oscar Andersen, Frontend Developer in Horde


 CEO and founder Alf Gunnar Andersen pitching at Hordaland på Børs 2019. Photo: Håkon Kløve-Graue Lavik
CEO and founder Alf Gunnar Andersen pitching at Hordaland på Børs 2019. Photo: Håkon Kløve-Graue Lavik


The team saw the opportunities of the PSD2 regulations early on but didn’t want to wait for the banks to catch up. By creating a platform utilizing available financial data in a more accessible way, Horde offers value to users while operating independently from large corporations.

We offer easy and seamless access to information that’s available in the Debt Register. Horde does not save any user data, nor do we get access to it – it’s simply a platform where you as a user get an overview of your credit card and consumer loans.”

Tan Le, Tech Lead in Horde

Horde is currently free, and the team hopes that it can serve to improve Norwegians private economy. In addition to reducing fees and interest payments, you might also get better loan conditions. According to Founder Alf Gunnar Andersen, many are not aware that unused credit is taken in consideration when calculating how much you get to lend from a bank.

If you suspect you might have credit cards you don’t use, head on over to to sort it out!

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