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Innovation Norway launches a Fintech Global Growth Program

Innovation Norway Offices in South Africa, Kenya and London have designed a new Fintech Global Growth Program for Norwegian Fintech companies offering technologies and solutions relevant for these markets. 

Innovation Norway recently announced their latest Global Growth Program in Fintech at a Finance Innovation event. Several Finance Innovation members were interested and curious to know more about the South African Fintech market.

Why the South African and London markets?
South Africa and London were represented by renowned financial institutions in KPMG’s Innovation Challenge in 2017. Next Generation Payments, Blockchain, Data/Credit Analytics, Mobility, Cyber Security & Biometrics, Insuretech and Wealth Technology are areas where there are opportunities. Big data and the IoT space are important areas of focus for mobile operators and the banks especially when it comes to collecting customer data for use in creating predictive models. (Read more) 

"Norwegian companies with innovative fintech solutions who play in the AI, IoT and mobile space should consider the African market.  There are interesting trends developing in Africa as traditional banking models are challenged and disruptive models take hold offering customers access to services which they have never been able to use before.  Consumers want to be able to transact easily and at more affordable prices.” says Beverly Lewis in Innovation Norway South Africa.

The Africa Com World Series will be taking place from the 13-15 November 2018 in Cape Town and will provide an important platform and networking opportunity for companies to meet the banks and telecom operators from all over Africa. Innovation Norway is planning to host a seminar at this event which will consist of networking, speaking opportunities and B2B meetings. 

Companies will be exposed to companies from all over Africa at this event and they will also have contact with Innovation Norway in three markets namely South Africa, Kenya and London. "Norwegian companies offering solutions which help improve financial services by making it simpler and cheaper for consumers to transact should definitely join this programme." says Lewis.

"Innovation Norway are in dialogue with their Nordic colleagues and we hope to have a Nordic focus at this seminar." Lewis concludes. 

For further details, please contact:

Heidi Dahl, Director Innovation Norway South Africa:

Beverley Lewis, Market Adviser Innovation Norway South Africa:,