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Kristoffer Hammer

NCE Finance Innovation and NCE Media increase focus on EU funding

Meet our EU advisor, Kristoffer Hammer, who will be stepping into the role as EU advisor for both NCE Finance Innovation and sister cluster, NCE Media. He will be working closely with cluster members to identify relevant EU calls and produce top-notch applications for project funding.

Opportunities for all member companies
NCE Finance Innovation will now be getting closer to European initiatives for innovation, research and development. There are significant funds available within the EU that we have so far not been pitching for. Now that Kristoffer is joining our team, we will be able to increase the cooperation across our member companies through taking part in EU funded projects together with European partner companies and research institutions.

The role of an EU advisor is to keep track of the opportunities for EU funding, especially Horizon 2020, soon to become Horizon Europe, and other programmes that Norway are part of. H2020 is the world’s biggest fund for research and development. Focus in our sector is on artificial intelligence, blockchain and data analytics. There are also numerous opportunities for startups and scaleups. It is important to note that the rate of success is only at around 10%, so this isn’t ´easy money´.

- Sharing an EU advisor is quite natural for both clusters, as we are seeing many synergies between the media and finance sector. Technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT are defining the industries and there is a lot of potential for our members to tap into within the EU-system, says Atle Sivertsen, CEO of NCE Finance Innovation.

Anne Jacobsen, CEO of NCE Media shares this sentiment and emphasizes that,

Having a dedicated resource as Kristoffer onboard working to find opportunities in the EU system, will be beneficial for both the clusters' members.

 Photo: Morten Dahle
Photo: Morten Dahle

Get to know your EU-advisor!
Kristoffer has already expressed his enthusiasm to get started and to work closely with the cluster members and is looking forward to getting in touch with members who are working with innovation and development. The way for us to succeed in Europe, is for him to have a good level of knowledge of what each of our members are up to. So, please give Kristoffer a shout  to learn more or share some thoughts with him:

Who is our new EU advisor/guru really?
Our new EU advisor has more than 15 years of extensive experience from project and change management in the media industry under his belt. Having spent 9 years in Brussels working with European affairs and EU-funded projects, he is well versed in both lobbying the EU as well as obtaining funding and managing EU projects. Kristoffer came to NCE Media from Clearcast in London. His work has been defined by business development and innovation since the start of his career. Kristoffer holds an MA of European Studies from the College of Europe (Bruges/Warsaw)

Fun facts to know about Kristoffer that you should know:

Kristoffer has been trained to crash cars, ranked as second in Europe in tapping beer, and is (periodically) an artist painter having exhibited in Brussels and London.

More information about the Horizon2020 programme: