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Markedsforing Fintech Hub

Horde outgrows The Fintech Hub, making space for new startups

The Fintech Hub has in a short period of time become the place to be for up and coming fintech startups like Tjommi and Horde, and more mature companies alike. Already from March 2020 we had to turn down companies simply because we had no room. With one of our startups leaving the nest, several spots are opening up for the next generation of startups here in The Fintech Hub in Media City Bergen.

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Our first incubator exit was Tjommi in 2020, and now, almost exactly one year later, the startup Horde has outgrown the Fintech Hub. Horde has been with us for almost two years, and we have followed their journey closely through ups and downs during this time. Last year they raised 12,4 million NOK in crowdfunding, a Norwegian record, and this year their aim is 20-50 million NOK through mainly international investors. Their growing team has become a part of our daily routine and it's with mixed feelings we see them outgrow our incubator.

"Being in the NCE Finance Innovation incubator has been a great help for us to get the company up and running. In the beginning it was just me in Horde, and now we're suddenly 15 people. The timing was the right to move into a place of our own where we can continue expanding the team, and pave way for other startups in The Fintech Hub."

- Alf Gunnar Andersen, Founder of Horde

During the year we have also witnessed other startups thrive, such as Falck Advisory. They offer a quantitative tool combined with financial expertise to provide startups and SMB’s with the financial and structural clarity needed to succeed. They are growing from 4 to 8 employees this spring, and are looking to grow an additional 50 % in the fall.

"We've taken inspiration from Horde, and by April we will be doubling the team. Being a part of the Finance Innovation ecosystem here in The Fintech Hub equips us with the tools we need to build our company, and we get increased legitimacy when dealing with investors, customers and other stakeholders."
- Hans Falck, Founder of Falck Advisory

The story behind the Fintech Hub

The Fintech Hub is NCE Finance Innovation´s office space in Bergen. It is a melting pot where startups, corporates, investors and academia come together to innovate new fintech services. Several members have their hand in making the co-working space a reality, both by sponsoring the Hub and by contributing to a (normally) bustling community. Even during 2020, a year of mounting uncertainty and rampant bankruptcy for many companies, cluster members in the Fintech Hub have continued growing in size and ambition.

Is the Fintech Hub for you?

The Fintech Hub is situated on the 11th floor of Media City Bergen with a breathtaking 360 view of the city. Companies get access to their own desks and everything they need to get their work done, such as meeting rooms, unlimited coffee (and tea!), phone-booths, printer, kitchen, a cafeteria and coffee bar, and of course free wifi. Additionally they get access to a huge network of cluster members and access to every cluster event, be it physical or digital. Lastly, the Fintech Hub has a lounge area where you can invite visitors or just kick back and relax.

Are you interested i becoming a part of the Fintech Hub Ecosystem? Don't hesitate to contact us for a chat!