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Guess who's back, back again

Miles is back, tell a friend! In this interview with Jørgen Baardsen, Servant Leader Sales and Business Development at Miles, we explore what it takes for an established company to get the most out of their membership in NCE Finance Innovation. We also ask why Miles chose to leave the cluster about a year ago, and now that they’re back - what has changed?

Jørgen is our main contact in Miles and we have already got some exciting things planned together!
We needed to get to know him a bit better, so we asked him:

What's your biggest pet peeve?

What could you talk about all day?
Innovation, change, and improvement – and the importance of the human factor and culture to succeed in such processes

Any guilty pleasures?
Difficult to answer myself, but according to my wife the answer should be cars.

Could you tell us about a cool project that you think the world should know about?
When you work with specialists within software development, technology, innovation, and change management for a variety of clients, it’s impossible to highlight one project. Nonetheless, our work with Ruter and their autonomous vehicles deserves a mention.

We are also working on the Smart Data Trust project, which aims to generate new knowledge and research expertise related to the big challenges of privacy associated with the accelerated digitalization in society. The goal is to lower the expertise and resources needed to comply with privacy regulations, and the research will therefore focus on the feasibility of using artificial intelligence (AI) to manage the processing and protection of personal data within and between organizations. The results from this research can significantly impact the future scientific challenges of AI and privacy. Not only can privacy be better protected (with fewer resources), but the research may also be relevant for other related uses of AI, for example, AML (Anti Money Laundering).

Miles’ solution services have also done a lot of cool projects. We have built the digital platform for Cutters, and we have even developed a fully digital bank from scratch, called Fjord Bank.

We’re glad to have you back in the cluster, what was the reason for you leaving us in the first place?
From the humble beginning of Finance Innovation back in 2017, it was obvious that Miles Bergen should join as a partner. We are and have always been, curious when it comes to initiatives within innovation and co-creation. You impressed us with how quickly you established Finance Innovation as a solid organization with many members. After a few years, we realized that our role as an “early mover” changed. We did not have the capacity to be a dedicated, and active member, so we decided to leave the network and continue as “friends”.

What has changed?
Since our exit, we have been cheering from the sidelines and kept in touch. And as Finance Innovation continued to grow so did Miles. Now you have become a national player, and the member’s geographic locations coincide well with Miles’ offices in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, and Trondheim. Miles is ready to be an active and committed member, just the way we like it.

How will you work to get the most out of your membership?
We do hope that we can share some of our experience and competence, and at the same time get inspiration and learn from others. We would also love to invite for meetups in our offices, and look forward to discussing exciting topics with new and “old” friends in the network.

What can our other members expect from Miles now that you're back in the ecosystem?
We’re a value-driven company with two core values: Warmth and professional authority - a set of values, and a mindset which hopefully could inspire the ecosystem. Miles as an organization has quite an innovative setup. Our philosophy is based on trust, and we practice servant leadership.

Sharing is in our DNA. We would love to share our knowledge on technology, banking, and fintech. Maybe even our expertise in Agile and Artificial intelligence could be of relevance to other members.

Our first event together will be held 3rd of June at 12:00 - 12:20. Together with one of our customers and cluster member, Vipps, we are going to discuss “Co-Creation and Innovation”. Hope to see you there!