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2019 Accountflow

Oslo based startup, Accountflow, joins the cluster

Startuplab Alumni, Accountflow joins NCE Finance Innovation with ambitious goals and a clear strategy to make accounting great again.

Photo: Karianne Melleby

We met up with the Accountflow team in Startuplab Oslo and had a chat with the dedicated bunch of entrepreneurs, Daniel Jara (CEO) and Eric Macody Lund (CMO).

Why did Accountflow become a member of NCE Finance Innovation?

- Firstly, we became aware of NCE Finance Innovation (NCE FI) through StartupLab when researching open banking last year. Being a part of a larger ecosystem such as NCE FI just made sense for us. We also have some goals we hope to achieve through our membership and collaboration, obviously. Accountflow is expanding its network, knowledge-base and presence in Norway, so what’s better than teaming up with the national fintech cluster to achieve this, says Eric Macody Lund.

Further down the line Accountflow has international scope and ambitions, so we have been looking for a partner with that dimension and connections as well. The cluster has this type of reach in the Nordics and Europe which are our first target markets, says Macody Lund.

What can Accountflow bring to the table?

- Accountflow is a great tool for accountants. We believe the level of functionality on the AF-platform will change the way companies execute accounting and reconciliation processes, because it’s built for SMB’s and enterprises. We also help our customers identify and solve requirements for the rapidly changing tech landscape, says Daniel Jara, CEO in Accountflow.

Accountflow is evolving alongside the practice of accounting, and so is our tech.

- Daniel Jara

-This mentality is built into our core principles and product. We believe this is what NCE FI saw in us; a mutual value that can be extended to members and customers. To share knowledge, improve business practices and start preparing for the future of accounting and financial services - we have our part to play in this future,


 From left: Eric Macody Lund (Accountflow), Atle Sivertsen (NCE Finance Innovation) and Daniel Jara (Accountflow). Photo: Karianne Melleby
From left: Eric Macody Lund (Accountflow), Atle Sivertsen (NCE Finance Innovation) and Daniel Jara (Accountflow). Photo: Karianne Melleby


A startup with big plans

- Future Accounting Forum (FAF), is one of the exciting plans we have with NCE FI. We want the Forum to be for the people in accounting, and an opportunity for “face to face” meetings about tech and organizational aspects of change, says Macody Lund.

- It’s all in early stage development – this is actually the first time we’ve talked about FAF in public! Even so, the few people we have told about the concept have shown enthusiasm about it, which is promising.

We’re still organizing the details with NCE FI, and things are still kind of secret, so we don’t want to spoil anything just yet, Macody says with a smile. What we can say is that if you’re a CFO, head of accounting or finance, financial controller, developer or just have a passion for tech – FAF is probably the event for you, he concludes.

Limited seats will be available, we recommend the mailing-list for those who want a chance to attend:

A call to action from the eager entrepreneurs: We’re also looking for people and NCE FI members wanting to lend a hand. Mostly sponsors & partners. 1 or 2 speakers possibly. Please get in touch with us if you think you can help: / +47 908 90 218

Lastly, give the AF-guys a “follow”on LinkedIn. It makes Eric the CMO very happy.