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Watch Short&Sweet - A Crowdfunding Love Story with Dealflow and Horde

💡 In 20 minutes you can get some insights on:

- How Horde managed to break the Norwegian crowdfunding record

- How Dealflow and Horde collaborate

- If there is any indication of higher or lower evaluation using crowdfunding vs "traditional investment"

- General do's and don'ts

- Trends within crowdfunding

- How to handle your shareholders

...and much more!

See the recording:

🤷‍♀️ What is Short & Sweet?
We believe in the art of no-pitch promotion and have created this as a platform for members to show-case their cool projects, achievements, solutions and/or services with the world. Let us be clear, this is not a sales-platform.

Why just 20 minutes?

We believe a lot can be said within a short time-frame and to be honest, we are a little bit tired of long webinars.

Member and want to share something next time? Get in touch!