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Meet our new Room Mate, Tjommi

Tjommi is a part of the newly established fintech incubator in Bergen, the Fintech Room.

Photo: NCE Finance Innovation

The first thing Henrik Johannessen told us when we met him was: Tjommi is the app you’ve been waiting for.

The app automatically scans and collects price guarantees for you when you’ve bought a product at a major retail chain. If the price of the product you bought goes down in the next 50 days you have the right to claim the difference. You can therefore either let Tjommi collect the money for you or get a notification when the price goes down.

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Tjommi joins Fintech Room

- I’m really looking forward to the incubator program and being a part of a buzzing environment, says Johannessen. Being a part of the NCE Finance Innovation’s and BTO’s ecosystem has already been rewarding. I have already pitched Tjommi both in Norway and in Finland now which is really cool, he continues.

Tjommi was one of five start-ups in NCE Finance Innovation that pitched at the Nordic Fintech Night in Helsinki where more than 100 eager fintech enthuasiasts got to hear 3-minute pitches from promising start-ups in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Aside from being a 22-year old entrepreneur, Henrik is a full-time student at BI - the Norwegian Business School and studies Business Administration. Follow Tjommi to stay up to date!

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* a Room Mate is an start-up company in the incubator, Fintech Room.