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Tink new member in the cluster 3

TINK: Joins the Norwegian Fintech Cluster

We had a chat with Vegard Haveland, Country Lead of Tink Norway, about their role in the cluster and the future of open banking. Check it out!

As a new player - what are your ambitions in the Norwegian market?

While Tink is the leading European open banking platform it is crucial for us to not only power the large pan-European institutions and fintechs but also the local players.

We aim to be the preferred open banking partner in Norway and help our customers to create breakthrough financial solutions.

What was your motivation for joining NCE Finance Innovation?

NCE Finance Innovation offers an important local Norwegian environment and forum for discussion.

This is absolutely key in this new environment of high paced innovation in financial services, particularly in regard to open banking and PSD2. New regulations provide opportunities but also uncertainty. It can be difficult to navigate and to know where to allocate resources.

NCE provides a safe environment for industry players, new and old, to discuss, learn from each other and form partnerships.

Tink is eager to use NCE to learn more about the Norwegian market while providing value to other cluster members through our 8 years of open banking experience across Europe.

Can you share with us something exciting you’re currently working on?

I’m working with a handful Norwegian companies to launch new products and services powered by our open banking platform.

As a company, we are expanding our data products to enable new use-cases while entering new markets and expanding our data coverage across Europe.

What do you think will be important in the industry going forward?

2019 was the year of compliance. This year we will see more partnerships form between the incumbents and fintechs.

Open banking infrastructure is now better than ever making it easier for challengers to compete with incumbents. It will be important for incumbents to be creative and take advantage of this new toolbox to avoid being left behind.

How can Tink contribute to the cluster community?

We have been working with open banking since 2012 and have been one of few fintechs to shape PSD2 and to expand its scope in many markets in Europe. Sharing this experience and insights with the cluster is one way we hope to contribute to the cluster community.

In addition, we have many large enterprise clients in different verticals and roughly 5 000 developers that use our platform to build financial solutions, which gives us valuable insight to a wide variety of open banking powered use-cases.

I would say that Norwegian companies are lagging a little bit behind compared to our Nordic neighbors when it comes to open banking. Hopefully our membership can contribute to change that, as we would like to inspire and share our knowledge about open banking with other cluster members, by for example leveraging our insights from the many open banking services and use cases we are powering all across Europe.

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