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Lørn fintech v2

Fintech is the hot topic in the latest session of LØRN.TECH. Silvija Seres talks with cluster members in NCE Finance Innovation about trends and developments in the industry.

Photo: Simone Brattli

LØRN.TECH with Silvija Seres in the lead aims to document and spread technology-based knowledge in Norway. This time fintech is on the agenda, and several of our cluster members have had a chat with Seres to talk about their areas of expertise. Amongst the line-up we find Fana Sparebank, Signicat, Idify, DiggEcard, Stacc Flow, Monobank, NEW and Tjommi sharing their experience from the fintech industry.

Listen for yourself what our cluster members think about fintech and being a part of the cluster ecosystem (in Norwegian):