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A New Nordic Fintech Collaboration

Exciting times ahead for the fintech environment in the Nordics as a number of organizations from the Nordic Fintech ecosystem come together and enter a new partnership agreement.

Helsinki Fintech Farm, Copenhagen Fintech, Oslo Fintech Hub and Finance Innovation from Bergen gathered in Helsinki to explore the mutual benefits of collaborating, which resulted in the organizations entering a partnership agreement: The Nordic Fintech Alliance.

The partnerships’ ambition is to increase further cooperation and information sharing on emerging fintech trends and developments. Additionally, the partnership aims to help start-ups scale in the Nordics and gain market traction. The Nordic Fintech Alliance will focus on strengthening all parts of the ecosystem and the ties between the different independent fintech organizations in the Nordic Fintech Alliance.

- Collaborating with our fintech partners across the Nordics will strengthen our capabilities to create new and innovative solutions and export them to the world. It will also help us attract and retain the human capital we need in the region to build a value creation ecosystem going forward, says Atle Sivertsen, CEO of Finance Innovation in Bergen, Norway.

Liv Freihow from ICT Norway and a founding board member at Oslo Fintech Hub states: "We are ready to move forward on the development of the fintech sandbox that ICT Norway has initiated, and to show not only to our partners and friends in the Nordics, but the rest of the world what exciting opportunities that there are here in Oslo and Norway."

- We have adopted a very “start-up” approach to the collaboration. We start small, but think big, says Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen Fintech and continues “Our ambitions on behalf of fintech in the Nordic region is huge, but we start small with joint visits and delegations and participation in events like Slush in Helsinki".

- As one of the hottest hubs for fintech startups, Oslo Fintech Hub is pleased to be one of the founding partners of the new and exciting alliance. We look forward to opening up the Nordic opportunities to the entrepreneurs from our accelerator program at TheFactory and are glad that this long and exiting process has resulted in this agreement, says Ingar S. Bentsen, CEO of Oslo Fintech Hub & TheFactory.

The Nordic Fintech Alliance’s ambition to increase further cooperation is already underway, which Janne Salminen, CEO of Helsinki Fintech Farm reiterates by saying "it has been great to work together so far, and I believe that by sharing knowledge and best practices, we can support the industry in each country even better."

Learn more about the Nordic Fintech Alliance partners:

Copenhagen Fintech is an association built on the vision of creating a Danish growth adventure within fintech. Please find more information here:

Finance Innovation is a Norwegian fintech cluster based in Bergen, Norway, with a goal to make finance easy and to export enabling services and technologies to the world. Please find more information here:

Helsinki Fintech Farm is the fintech hub of Helsinki, Finland with the mission to provide the Finnish finance industry with an international platform for innovation. Please find more information here:

Oslo Fintech Hub is a fintech association and hub based in Oslo, Norway, with the goal of providing the best possible framework to build great fintech startups. Please find more information here: