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Moving fast with NEW

The startup imove is innovating the personal mobility business; NEW is fast-tracking the scale-up. The combination has resulted in flexible and environmentally friendly ways of transportation ready for the market at record speed. We got to try one of their latest contributions, imove’s el-scooter, and it was an absolute blast!

Hans Kristian Aas and Adil Rashid dropped by from imove, a mobility company in the NEW-family which works closely with the car industry to bring disruptive changes to the market. This is one of several developing companies in the NEW-ecosystem, which may be best described as a start-up factory. Their business model is built for supporting disruptive companies, and to scale them quickly. This year alone they’ve taken on six new concepts ranging from fintech to waste management.

imoves initial concept was to provide customers with cars tailored to their current needs, be it the everyday commute, family vacation or the bachelor party - all in one single subscription. The latest addition to the service is the recharable el-scooter.


 Hans Kristian demonstrates how to unlock the scooter using the imove app.
Hans Kristian demonstrates how to unlock the scooter using the imove app.


With imove we want to provide our customers with flexible services with the right kind of mobility at the right time. We also want to make it easier to choose environmentally friendly alternatives without making compromises.

- Hans Kristian Aas, CEO at imove

NEW acknowledges that we live in a state of constant transformation and wants their start-ups to reflect this through their services and speed of transformation. Aas explains that all businesses need to reinvent themselves to keep up with, or be one step ahead of, consumer needs. That’s why NEW is rigged to support rapid business model innovation and scaling through smart-money investments - capital linked with knowhow and the right resources.

imove has transformed their business models by turning potential costs into profits. An example is their service to freeze customer subscriptions during the summer and instead lending their fleet to professional car rental agencies who are experiencing an increased demand in this period – a win-win scenario.

This is one of many examples of how NEW works to increase the value for both customers and partners, but also the environment. Aas says that green technology is central to everything they do, such as incentivising using electrical vehicles and removing the need to own a car.

With an el-scooter at hand the team at NCE Finance Innovation hope to rely on this when travelling locally - and we are excited about it too!

Be on the lookout for more disruptive innovations from NEW and Imove in the future.