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Stine neteland

Members' Spotlight with Stine Neteland

Stine has 15 years of experience in the Fintech sector with roles ranging from corporate finance advisory to strategy, innovation, business- and process development. She shares her advice for how to engage more women in fintech, her favorite Twist chocolate, and which fintech startups you should look out for.

5 Warm-up questions:

What is your biggest pet peeve? - Poor user experience is a killer for so many great ideas and products. Making sure users understand what you are trying to provide them with is so often underestimated.

Any book or author that has inspired you? - "To shake the sleeping self" by Jedidiah Jenkins, which only made my wanderlust even more acute during the lockdown.

What could you talk about all day? - Women in tech. How do we inspire more women to choose a career in tech? Businesses need diversity to thrive and it is our responsibility to be role models and make sure to lift each other up!

Name one thing about yourself that your Linkedin profile doesn’t tell us? - I am really passionate about skiing and always stress down when I’m on a mountain somewhere.

Your favorite Twist is? And why? - Definitely licorice – salty and not too sweet.

What's your Stacc X elevator pitch?

We create world-class user experiences in Fintech. Our strategy is to offer speed, precision, and domain knowledge to professional clients in the financial services sector. We offer end-to-end projects and tech consulting to international clients.

How do you think your colleagues would describe you as their CEO?

I think they see me as very clear and fair. I hope they consider me empathic and fun as well 😃

What do you consider Stacc X's biggest success so far?

I am so proud of our great team members and our work environment. Our growth journey has been exceptional so far, and we have delivered groundbreaking projects for our customers along the way. I look forward to going to work every day and work with awesome people 😃

Do you need to have a background in IT or finance to work in companies like Stacc?

We employ techies as well as economists (present company included) and also classically trained designers, out of which some of us are self-made. We care about what you know, we don’t care how you know it.

What is your best advice for women considering a career in fintech?

Don’t think you have to know all the answers to deserve your place at the table. Most (all) of us try and fail and get back up. If you can dream it you can do it, just change your POV and try again.

Stacc has recently signed a huge deal with Innovation Norway, could you say something about this project?

We are super proud and excited to win such a considerable contract with a large national government actor. Being able to work together with the forward-looking team from Innovation Norway is something we are very much looking forward to.

What does Stacc look like if you fast-forward 10 years?

Definitely not like today. We have an international presence with people and clients all over Europe. We have clear international ambitions and in 10 years we will have been instrumental in helping our clients create the world's best user experiences in Fintech!

Is there an exciting fintech that you could tell us about, and why are they interesting?

I am following the Regtech-space closely and I’m sure one of the start-ups in this space will change the market for good during the coming years (or even months?). I am especially curious about the start-up, and the startup PNGR is definitely one to watch out for as well.

Who do you want to nominate next?

I would like to hear from Svein Ove Kvalsund in Kravia.
They are in an exciting industry undergoing great changes. I would like to ask him what he sees as the main opportunites for Western Norway as a large environment within Fintech, and what he thinks will be the biggest drivers for change in the banking and finance industry in the future.