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Henrik E nyhetssak

Meet our intern from BI

Henrik is a graduate student from BI Bergen, currently in his second year of a Master of Science in Leadership and Change. The major is designed to provide students with an integration of theory and research, leaving them equipped to lead change, innovation, and development efforts in organizations.

What are your expectations for this internship?

This internship gives me the opportunity to gain a unique insight into how an innovative ecosystem functions, and to put theory into practice. I have a great interest in the Fintech industry which NCE Finance Innovations operates within, and therefore identified it as an ideal internship. I am confident that this will be an interesting, challenging, and rewarding experience, leaving me with valuable experience. I hope that in addition to learning from all the brilliant people here at the Fintech Hub I can contribute with some of my knowledge and be an asset to the team.

How has your time with the cluster been so far?

The team has made me feel welcome from the first second and included me in their work immediately. On my first day I attended a project meeting with the insurance companies Tryg, Frende, and Fremtind, as well as Webstep. Initiated by NCE Finance Innovation, the project aims at developing fraud-detection models by combining data from the insurance companies, and in turn, detect fraud in the insurance industry. This was a perfect example of the type of collaborations NCE Finance Innovation creates, which helped me understand how the team works. What I have also experienced during my short period here is that there is no such thing as a standard workday at NCE Finance Innovation. Every day is different, offering new challenges and opportunities, and I am excited to see what comes next.