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Meet our new intern, Anna!

In the Norwegian Fintech Cluster, new competence and creative thinking are always welcome, we are therefore so excited and pleased to welcome our new intern Anna Myhrvold onboard this Spring.

Anna is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Innovation and Management at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and will spend the next ten weeks with us.

During her time with the cluster, she will be working on different tasks connected to different projects such as marketing, workshops, facilitating conferences, and other events. Particularly the Norway FinTech Festival and developing the Fintech Hub. Anna is excited and motivated to work as an intern for NCE Finance Innovation, so we of course asked her to share how her experience has been so far.

How has your time with the cluster been so far? I started my internship very recently and have therefore spent the first time getting a good overview of the cluster and its members. I have attended a few meetings and really been thrown into all the exciting things NCE Finance Innovation has to offer.

What are you looking forward to during your internship? During my internship, I am looking forward to gaining hands-on experience working in an exciting industry. I am particularly excited to get a deep-dive into areas such as open finance & embedded finance, blockchain technology, and generative AI, and to learn more about the different fintech startups in the ecosystem. I am also really looking forward to working with Norway FinTech Festival which will be held in April and developing the Fintech Hub at Media City Bergen.

Get to know Anna a bit more:

Photo: Anna Mohaugen

Anna is a 23 year old outgoing and energic girl from Oslo. Today she is studying for a Master´s degree in Innovation and Management. From before, she has a one-year study in Political Science from the University of Oslo. After she completed this, she moved to Bergen and has taken a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at The University of Bergen, with a strong foundation in organizational subjects.

Alongside a fast-paced student life, Anna likes to take on positions and voluntary tasks. She is currently the current class representative for her Master’s cohort. Anna is very interested in interaction between people and found out through her bachelor’s degree in combination with organizational subjects that organizational culture and leadership in particular contribute to success. In addition to the fact that she has held several management positions in connection with her studies over the years, this sparked her interest in a Master’s in innovation and management. Anna is very excited about her time in NCE Finance Innovation, and is really much looking forward to taking part in exciting projects and tasks.

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