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Meet Alexander and Misha, our new interns!

Alexander Podolski and Misha Mohammadi recently joined the Finance Innovation team and are interning with us this fall. Alexander is currently studying for a Master´s degree in leadership and change, while Misha is studying for a Bachelor´s degree in Economics and Business Law. Both are students at BI Norwegian Business School.

We had a chat with them to hear how their first few weeks with us has been:

Our internship kick-started already on day one by taking a deep dive into the cluster's revised strategy in a workshop with the cluster administration. We got the opportunity to work closely with the team on discussing the implementation of the new strategy, and through this process, we learned a lot about how the cluster works with sustainability, tech shifts, boosting entrepreneurship, and much more.

After the workshop, we had a social get-together with some food and board games (a popular activity in the cluster). We were told that some members of the team take board games more seriously than others - which we quickly found to be true. This was a great way to “break the ice” and for us to get to know both the cluster and the team.

During our first week, we participated in team meetings, workshops, and webinars with different members of the cluster. One of our projects throughout our time as interns is to expand and build the FinTech student group. Strengthening the link between academia and industry players is an important focus area for the cluster, and the cluster student group will be a key component in this effort. We're currently hiring for the group, so if you're interested - check it out!

We have received a warm welcome and have been included as part of the team and the members from day one. The learning curve has been steep, and we´re looking forward to expanding our knowledge with the different tasks we have been assigned in the coming weeks. Being a part of the NCE Finance Innovation team is a good opportunity for us to get some hands-on experience with what the FinTech world has to offer, and what awaits us after our studies.

Get to know our two interns a bit more:

Misha is born and raised in Kristiansand. Summer of 2018, she moved to Bergen to start her bachelors degree in Business Law and Economics at BI Norwegian Business School. Besides her studies, Misha has been partaking in the student organization with various positions. She currently holds the position of president of the BI Student Organisation (BISO). Her interest in FinTech started when she attended a FinTech event at Media City Bergen, which led to her applying for the position as an intern in our team. Besides FinTech, she is intrigued by strategy work, leadership, and women in tech.

Alexander was born and raised in Oslo. He is 25 years old and moved to Bergen in 2015. Alexander holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Western Norway University of Applied Science and is currently in his final year at BI where he is taking his Master’s degree in Leadership & Change. During his studies, his interest in technology, innovation, and the implementation of sustainability as a core business area for companies has increased. He hopes he can apply his strengths and knowledge during his time here at NCE Finance Innovation and gain valuable experience from this internship. Another passion of his is football, which has been Alexander’s main hobby for over 20 years. His favorite team is Manchester United but he is always open to discuss everything about the sport.