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LØRNTECH & NCE Finance Innovation

Fintech is the hot topic in the latest session of LØRN.TECH. Silvija Seres talks with cluster members in NCE Finance Innovation about trends and developments in the industry.

Photo: Simone Brattli

LØRN.TECH with Silvija Seres in the lead aims to document and spread technology-based knowledge in Norway. This time fintech is on the agenda, and several of our cluster members have had a chat with Seres to talk about their areas of expertise. Amongst the line-up we find Fana Sparebank, Signicat, Idfy, DiggEcard, Stacc Flow, Monobank, NEW and Tjommi sharing their experience from the fintech industry.

Importance of knowledge-sharing

There’s a lot valuable expertise present in Norway which most people are not aware of, says Seres. This knowledge will be crucial in the future, and people will want to acquire it in order to stay in the loop and remain relevant. Previously there has been no suitable platforms to make this knowledge available to the public, and this is where LØRN comes in, Seres continues. In other words, they want to create a digital platform that can write “the new story of Norway” through specific examples from technology-based entrepreneurship.

If Norway had known what Norway knows, we wouldn’t have thought about ourselves as technology laggards, but realized that we are in fact a world leading contributor of technology.

- Silvija Seres, CEO of LØRN.TECH

Learnings from NCE Finance Innovation
Businesses also need to update their competencies and intellectual capital, and Seres believes that the efforts of NCE Finance Innovation is a great example of how this can be done in practice. She especially points to the value and importance of applying specific cases where businesses work together to solve challenges. Additionally, she thinks it’s exciting to see large corporations cooperating with entrepreneurs and academia.


 Marianne Wik Sætre ,  Innovation Director in Fana Sparebank with Silvija Seres fra LØRN.TECH.  Photo: Lø
Marianne Wik Sætre , Innovation Director in Fana Sparebank with Silvija Seres fra LØRN.TECH. Photo: Lø


We have talked with several of NCE Finance Innovation’s members and I’m extremely impressed. The cluster has managed to create a rich and inspiring ecosystem where both large and nascent players meet and cooperate with each other, despite being on completely different clock rates.

-Silvija Seres

Amongst examples of specific cluster projects, Seres points to the efforts of mapping the challenges of PSD2, the cross-business cooperation towards Anti Money Laundering to identify insurance fraud, and the untapped potential of Know Your Customer. The fact that competing businesses cooperate to solve mutual challenges before developing their own solutions is great, says Seres. Overall, she’s fascinated with the ongoing work within NCE Finance Innovation and believes the cluster model seems to work exceedingly well.

Listen for yourself what our cluster members think about fintech and being a part of the cluster ecosystem (in Norwegian):



LØRN.TECH invites Norway to share its collective knowledge on important subjects for our future. Silvija Seres has quickly become a leading figure on the tech scene in Norway, and one of it’s most popular technology-podcasters. Over 450.000 downloads and 400 podcasts have been distrubuted this far through the LØRN.TECH website and associated platforms.

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