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King of Disruptors to mcb tech 2020!

What will the Augmented Age bring? Will robots take our jobs, and AI subsume us as inferior intelligences, or will this usher in a new age of abundance? Find out at mcb tech this year!

By 2025 there’s going to be more robots than humans on the planet. Most people are not afraid of technology itself - they are afraid of technology taking their jobs. Today we can train an AI to beat the best chess players in the world in just 4 hours by using machine learning. Technology is changing the nature of banking aswell. AI in banking is no longer about man vs machine, but about encoding human behaviour and putting the best humans into banking algorithms. With all this tech, where does humans fit in?

If you want to compete in the world of Bank 4.0 you have to think like a tech company and you got to be structured like a tech company. Otherwise you’re not even in the game.”

- Brett King, International Bestselling Author & Futurist

Named "King of the Disruptors" by Banking Exchange magazine, King was voted American Banker's Innovator of the Year in 2012 and voted the world's #1 Financial Services Influencer by The Financial Brand. According to him, this new era - the Augmented Age - will be all about artificial intelligence, experience design, smart infrastructure and healthcare technology.

King is also the author of the international best-selling book: Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane which has remained top-10 on Amazon for more than two years. Chinese President Xi Jinping named Augmented a must read for anyone interested in AI and the future of technology.