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Horde receives 1MNOK from Innovation Norway to test and develop new service

Cluster member and incubator startup, Horde, receives a 1MNOK innovation contract from Innovation Norway to test and develop a new project in collaboration with a pilot-customer.

New project with cluster member

Horde has experienced rapid growth since they launched their service in September 2019, with a current user base of 60 000 people. The Horde App helps people all over the country to keep track of their credit cards and cancel the ones they don’t need (or don’t know about). This is completely free for the users, but Hordes latest project will offer new services with a business model that generates income for the company.

“More than 200 000 persons in Norway have more debt than they can handle. Our goal is to prevent that more people end up on “Luksusfellen”

- Alf Gunnar Andersen, founder of Horde.

The project in question will aim to develop new and innovative banking systems so that the banks can make better credit assessments. Horde has gotten cluster member Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane on board as pilot-customer.

“Horde utvikler en innovativ tjeneste i tett samarbeid med en pilotkunde som både treffer hjemmemarkedet og har internasjonalt skaleringspotensial. Innovasjonskontrakten gir Horde de økonomiske forutsetningene for utvikle prosjektet videre på en forsvarlig måte.”

- Jørgen Ulrik Berg, Financial Advisor at Innovasjon Norge

What is an innovation contract?
The innovation contracts scheme is a strategic support program offered to the industry and the public sector. The objective is to promote the development of new products, services and solutions for the national and international market. Read more here: