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Green financing in the real estate market: see full video

Green financing offers a huge opportunity for increased sustainability in the real estate market. To reach the ambitious goal of zero emission by 2050, everyone must pull together. Which is the best approach; the carrot or the stick?

If you missed the live-stream you can now see it here (in Norwegian):

Audun Blegen (Veidekke Eiendom), Margunn Aas Minne (Sparebanken Vest),Anders Waage Nilsen (Proptech Innovation/NEW), Ørjan Kongsvik Aall (Sweco), Ole Marius Nygaard (DNB), Kjell Fredrik Løvold (Cultura Bank) and Espen Børhaug (Bergen Næringsråd) shared their insights and perspective on the future of green financing and what it means for the real estate market live from the Media Lab in Media City Bergen AS.

Thanks to our great co-hosts Proptech Innovation and Bergen Næringsråd, and the producers in Kulturoperatørene for making this happen.