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Startup Extreme

Fintech HarMoney at Startup Extreme

During this year’s Startup Extreme Festival in Voss, NCE Finance Innovation teamed up with Bulder Bank to highlight the do’s and dont’s of collaboration between start-ups and large corporations.

Fintech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and extreme sport athletes had gathered at Voss to learn more about the exciting banking newcomer - Bulder Bank. The HarMoney session, as the name indicates, focused on how to find partnership harmony between corporates and fintech start-ups.

- Bulder Bank is rigged for cooperation and innovates by integrating services provided by partner fintech companies such as Payr and Subaio, says Torvald Kvamme, CEO of Bulder Bank. This way of working has made it possible for us to create a new bank from scratch in only nine months.  With an innovative and disruptive value proposition this stretch-goal has now been reached. We are catering to customers who appreciate rapid response, honest answers and an excellent user experience.

Bulder Bank is a brand new mobile-only banking platform that, amongst other services, allows you to view all of your subscriptions and easily cancel the ones you don’t need. Their aim is to simplify the banking experience by automatically lowering your interest rates as you pay your mortgage and removing as much bureaucracy as possible.

To me as an entrepreneur, one of the exciting things about Bulder Bank is that they move fast and are eager to collaborate with startups. They’re easy to come in dialogue with and I don’t have to deal with a lot of bureaucracy, long response time and ambiguity as to whom I’m supposed to reach out to.

- Max Gordienok, CEO and founder of GoScore

Fintech HarMoney was wrapped up with a Q&A session with valuable input from an engaging audience. Cluster member and Startup Extreme partner, Sparebanken Vest, invited fintech enthusiasts to a sizzling sunset barbecue in idyllic settings at Voss.

Read more about Bulder Bank here