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Fintech Friends: Roaring

The Nordic data service provider Roaring join the ranks of cluster members, offering improved customer data to the Norwegian market. Meet their Business Developer in Norway, Veslemøy, who gives us a rundown of the company, why they joined the cluster, and more.

Pitch Roaring in one sentence:

All the Nordic (and soon more!) customer data you need, in one place.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Recruiting more talent as we grow rapidly. Finding the right people while expanding and getting a lot of traction is time-consuming and tricky.

What are the main issues you see in the KYC/AML space and how do you fit into the solution?

As more and more industries and companies are affected by AML regulations, the need for solutions that are highly accessible and user-friendly is increasing by the minute. We build solutions that customers can tailor to their needs, processes, and systems, which we feel is the best way to meet the market demand.

You are a Swedish company in a Norwegian cluster, what are your main motivations for joining Finance Innovation?

We have a Nordic offer, with cohesive data and technical solutions across markets, that we see a lot of companies derive great value from. Being part of Copenhagen Fintech and now Finance Innovation is a great way of communicating that value, finding good-fit partners and customers along the way.

What startups do you look up to/are you inspired by?

As far as being developer-centric, Stripe is a great example, if you can still call them a startup nowadays? We strive to make life easier for developers through well-structured documentation, sandbox examples for testing, and an awesome support experience.

What kind of work would you be in if you weren’t an entrepreneur/working in a startup?

I have experience in the non-profit sector, finance, and tourism so I have already tried out different kinds of work. My original plan was to work abroad for some international NGO or as an international news correspondent in South America... Sweden might not be as exotic, but I am very excited to be part of a fast-growing and innovative fintech start-up and will make sure we continue to grow in the Norwegian market.

Five fun facts

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Unprepared coffee customers.

Share your favourite meme with us?

What is your most played song on Spotify?

"The world could be falling down" by Madrugada.

Which ABBA song describes you the best?

Dancing Queen, as I surprisingly won second place in a carnival samba competition in Brazil, despite not being a very good dancer.

One thing we can't read from your LinkedIn profile?

Being a proud football coach for a bunch of 8-year-old girls!