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FI 2021 Turkis Haara C35 A6394

Meet our new colleague Torstein Sandaa-Johansen

Torstein joins the team as an innovation manager and will work closely with the members to ensure that each member gets maximum value from their membership in the cluster.

Torstein started his career as Head of Accounting in REMA Franchise West, before he moved on to TietoEVRY as a senior consultant. He has co-founded several startups and worked as the Chief Commercial Officer at Falck Advisory prior to joining the Finance Innovation team. Torstein holds a MSc in Finance from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), as well as a BSc in Business Administration from NHH and a BSc in Economics from University of Bergen (UiB). Torstein also has two year-programmes in Psychology.

The main focus for Torstein will be the cluster members, contributing and helping with everything from financial strategy to event planning. Want to find out more about him or just grab a coffee? Send him an e-mail or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Torstein is born and raised in Mandal but has lived in Bergen since 2009. Besides his studies, Torstein was involved in youth politics for several years, before becoming engaged in the Bergen Student Radio Foundation as both radio host, General Manager and later Chairman of the Board. Torstein is at his happies when he can listen to 70’s progrock on vinyl, drink whisky and build Legos.