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NCEFI nyhet

Finance Innovation has a new face! copy

We’ve updated our branding and website in order to put the spotlight on our members, the services provided by the cluster and our community as a whole. Our new look is designed to be fresh, powerful, and bold - just like we envision the future of Norwegian fintech.

In NCE Finance Innovation we put our members front and center in everything we do, and this has also been our philosophy while developing our new website. Member driven initiatives, projects and news are now more accessible through our site, and members will be given increased visibility through initiatives such as Members Spotlight and our cluster community group on facebook. We will continue to explore more ways for our members to share and interact with each other in the future, so stay tuned!

Our updated visual profile is created by tech and design company, Guilty. With our new identity we want to take the cluster to the next level, emitting raw energy, power and contrasts which reflects our members in the cluster. As an ambassador for Norwegian fintech, our new look is designed to turn heads and illustrate the rapid and radical change our industry is going through.

Video produced by Jørgen Håland.

Join the cluster community on Facebook

We've just launched a closed Facebook group for our members as a platform to share exciting news with the community. Members are encouraged to post events, news and share relevant material from their companies.

Join the Facebook Group

Members should always feel free to propose initiatives, send in ideas and suggest projects to the cluster. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at any time.

For questions regarding brand and communication, please get in touch with:

Håkon Lavik,
Rea Parashar,