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Digitalization is "old news"

Automation is the key for efficiency allowing Travis to perform multiple tasks with minimal human assistance, says Sanna Lutsoja, Head of Product in Travis Reise & Utlegg. We had a chat with Travis, the latest addition to NCE Finance Innovation, to learn a little more about what they are up to.

Travis is your personal assistant who automates expense reports, mileage tracking and daily allowances. Designed for productivity-focused professional Travis offers an outstanding user experience and frictionless expense management.

Travis on the fly

Travis is the first on the market to introduce automatically created reports. The app analyses your flight receipt and creates a travel report with prefilled information about route and time schedule. The digital receipt can be shared directly to Travis’s app where the details from the receipt are filled out automatically.

“Most of us procrastinate submitting expense reports for weeks. With Travis your trip starts by booking the flight, and on your way home your report is done.”

- Morten Lied, Chairman of the Board


 In September it’s exactly a year since the application went live on App Store. Photo: Travis
In September it’s exactly a year since the application went live on App Store. Photo: Travis


The future of Travis

The future of Travis is a zero-touch expense report that gathers your receipts from services automatically. Soon they will be able to suggest “I’ll bet your flight is boarding soon, unless you teleported yourself to the airport, lets add an expense for your trip”.

Travis will launch intelligence 2.0 in the beginning of 2020.

Want to learn more about Travis’ automated expense reports, or maybe look into partnering with them? Then you definitely should check them out at and download their app on App Store  or Google Play to get started!