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Global Fintech house, Contemi Solutions, joins the cluster

Oslo-born Contemi Solutions joins the Norwegian Fintech Cluster, and we took the opportunity to have a chat with Executive Director, Daniel Thafvelin, to learn more about the company, their ambitions, and how they can contribute to the cluster ecosystem.

First, let's get to know Daniel:

What's your biggest pet peeve?

It would have to be waiting times and impersonal customer experiences (perhaps everyone’s favourite pet peeve in the digital age). I’m also quite annoyed with people standing/blocking an escalator. They are meant for efficiency!

What could you talk about all day?

Customer success, the value of true SaaS, insurance, running & traveling (preferably in combination).

Name one thing about yourself that your LinkedIn profile doesn't tell us
I had to ask my wife and she replied, “that you are always optimistic”. Not sure if that is 100% true, but I always do try to have a positive mindset. Anything is possible!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Binge watching too late in the evening, convincing myself that I can still be efficient the next day with less sleep (but knowing that it isn’t true).

What is your favorite Twist (chocolate) and why?
Has do be “Japp”, because it is good and reminds me of the fun commercials

Tell us about Contemi

Contemi Solutions delivers software solutions that create value for financial services companies. Our ‘Wealth Intelligence’ (WIN), ‘Seamless’ and ‘Nova’ products offer most of the tools and software solutions needed by insurance, wealth management and capital markets firms to digitalize end-to-end value chain, reduce cost, enhance speed-to-market and user experience in the age of cloud. Contemi has a global reach and local approach to delivering solutions – working from 11 countries across the UK, Asia, Nordic and Australia.

Contemi employees at one of their international offices. Photo: Contemi Solutions

Can you share something exciting you’re currently working on with us?
There are a lot of exciting things happening in Contemi these days. We are working on our Insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) platform ‘Seamless’ to solve costly distribution, poor customer experience, low reach and high maintenance costs in the insurance industry. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect from Seamless.

We are also very excited to see the overwhelming interest for our ‘Client Onboarding’ solution which ensures efficient and secure onboarding by automating KYC and AML procedures. If you wonder how, watch the short video below!

You are already collaborating with some cluster members such as House of Guarantees. What are you working on together?

We have been collaborating with House of Guarantees (HOGS) to modernize their guarantee management offering. They are highly skilled resources who know their market, but they struggled to find a system that could solve their business needs. With our Guarantee System, they managed to get highly automated and digitized processes, without any disruption to the business.

They are already seeing a big improvement in performance with the new system, such as saving nearly 70-work hours per month, reduced time to market by 40% and by 90% specifically for the SMB market.

How do you define your market?
Our market is generally insurance carriers, brokers, MGAs, wealth management, private banking, stockbrokers, capital markets participants, and any financial service providers across the Nordics, Europe, UK, Asia and Australia.

How can Contemi contribute to the cluster community?
Contemi has over 20 years of experience in financial technology solutions and are currently delivering value to 50 + clients across the globe. Sharing our industry experience, insights with the members is one way we hope to contribute to the cluster community.

The financial service industry in the Nordic countries is in the forefront of digitalisation but there are still many processes and systems that need an overhaul. Hopefully, our membership can contribute to change that, as we would like to inspire and share our global knowledge and use cases from the UK, Australia, and Asia with other cluster members.

What is your motivation for joining NCE Finance Innovation?

The underlying idea of sharing experiences, creating innovative networks, and harnessing the high level of innovation in the region to meet the increased competition is something we wanted to be a part of. We feel there is a tremendous value for us in joining the NCE Finance Innovation cluster and connecting with other cluster members in our quest to expand in the Norwegian market.

Offer to cluster members
If you are in insurance, wealth management, capital markets, or any other financial services business and want to leverage the power of digital to gain business value, speak to us. We can help!

Members of NCE Finance Innovation will of course get discounts on our products.

Contact Contemi for a chat:

About Contemi

Founded in Norway in 2001, we are supported by Triple P Capital, a “profit with purpose” expert investor. Today, we have a global reach and local approach to delivering solutions – working from 11 countries across the UK, Asia, Nordic and Australia. With a team of over 200 employees globally, we deliver business solutions that create value for our 50+ clients across the world.

To know more about Contemi, visit: