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Ambita & Knowit initiates tech collaboration

Many of the loan processes we use today are complex and reliant on a large amount of people typing information into the systems. This is now a bygone era - get ready for a fully digital assessment when applying for real estate financing!

Both Knowit and Ambita are known for developing smart and user-friendly technologies with the end-customer in mind. Now they’ll collaborate to make it easier, faster and more secure to carry out real estate transactions by using secure date sources, complex integrations and open platforms.

This is innovation, digitalization and bussines development at its best”

- Jan Georg Lehmann, CMO in Knowit

Most systems have gone through changes to make use of the possibilities that structured data and new technologies creates, but they still carry legacies from older ways of thinking. This is hindering automated customer experiences and self-servicing solutions which should be implemented.

Ambita has a unique and diverse data pool and the expertise on real estate data and open platforms. The company is driven by the vision of making the real estate market both more open and more secure. In combination with the tech platform Dploy from Knowit it is possible to automate application processes by using a modern, modular and adaptable software. Dploy fully digitalizes the process from having need of a loan to having the money paid out to you.

Ambita is a tech company delivering digital solutions for the real estate market. They are the creators of many essential solutions which ensure effective and open real estate transactions in Norway. Several thousand people use Ambitas services every day in connection to property sales or construction projects.

“Our solutions can be plugged into existing infrastructure or used independently. Some of the largest providers of financing already use Dploy, such as BMW, Volkswagen, DNB Finance, Santander and Brage Finans.

 - Jan Georg Lehmann, CMO in Knowit

Knowit is known for combining strategic understanding with a passion for tech and creative solutions, creating digital possibilities and long-term value for their customers.

With both companies now working together, the tech platform Dploy will make it possible to cover all credit needs by using modern and adaptable software which can be implemented in all existing banking systems, both frontend and backend.