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Postponed: Workshop - Recommender systems in finance

23 APR - 24 APR
Media City Bergen, 11th floor - Tower 2
Members only

Why can´t insurance companies and banks push their services in a similar fashion to Netflix and Spotify? What if finance services could be tailored to every customers specific needs and interests?

The recent cluster ideation workshop brought up a wide range of ideas, some more ripe than others. Recommender systems seemed like low hanging fruit, as the University of Bergen has several leading researchers in the field.

We have therefore teamed up with the University to do a whole-day workshop with Associate Professor Dr Christoph Trattner and his colleagues in Bergen and Professor Dr Dietmar Jannach from the University of Klagenfurt. They will be joined by Dr Mehadi Elahi and Dr Alain Starke, both from the Institute of Information Sciences and Media Studies at UiB.

The programme will cover the essentials of recommender systems, such as how they work, data driven approaches to recommend content, business values of recommender systems and interactive advisory solutions.

The morning session will be focused on presentations from the four experts, followed by a workshop in the afternoon where delegates will be invited to discuss the opportunities for the use of recommender systems in our sector.

Is this of interest for you? Please join us on 23rd April at our offices in Media City Bergen.

This event is for members of NCE Finance Innovation only.



- 10.00: (Trattner/NCE Finance Innovation) - 10 mins

Session 1 (10.15 - 12.15) - Lecture

- Motivation (What are recommender systems)

- How do they work - knowledge-based/collaborative filtering approaches

- Data-Driven approaches to recommend content

- Business values of recommender systems

- Interactive advisory solutions

- Overview of typical digital nudges and how to apply and evaluate them in recommender systems (examples from other domains)

- Customer interaction through dialogs -> spit out core products -> replacing the salesperson (persuasive arguments) -> showcase such applications

Session 2 (13.30 - 15.00) - Workshop

- Identify current state of affairs and business opportunities

- How to move business opportunities forward (incl jointly or separately)

Session 3 (15.00 - 16.00) - Speed dating

- 1:1 meetings between delegates and lecturers

Session 4 (16 - )

- Drinks reception

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