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NHH nyhetssak 26 05 01

Today: The Fintech (r)evolution: What it is, and why should we care?

08. June, 12:00 - 13:00

Together with the Norwegian School of Economics we invite you to join this webinar. You will get insight into some key changes associated with the fintech (r)evolution . And you will hear from two former participants about how NHH's Executive MBA in Technology and Innovation of Finance gave them the knowledge and tools to maneuver these changes

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Today, democratization, standardization, and modularization of technology lets anyone add financial services to their business model. As a result, firms both within and outside of traditional finance are riding an innovation tide. New business models, products, and services appear at a steady pace. Market boundaries are blurring. And competition intensifies.

Tomorrow, adding financial services to a non-finance business model will seem as uncontroversial as having a website today. And the competitive landscape of today might sooner than later seem like a distant memory.

Who will you meet? In this webinar, you will meet Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen and former participant of the EMBA, Alf Gunnar Andersen from Horde. They will discuss why you should care about Fintech, regardless of your industry affiliation. And how NHH's Executive MBA in Fintech gave them the knowledge and tools to better maneuver the associated changes.

Are you curious about the strategic consequences of Fintech for your business? Or about whether the EMBA might be relevant for you or your firm? Then this is the webinar for you.

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