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Skjermbilde 2021 08 18 kl 16 49 59

The Future of Money - When crypto becomes mainstream and money becomes smart

01. September, 11:00 - 13:00

The Future of Smart Money & Digital Currencies

We already have digital money – trillions move every day, electronically. But are we on the cusp of Digital Money 2.0? Not the account-based electronic money that's been around for the past several decades, but a new type of smart and token-based digital money.

The ongoing experiments, pilots, and policy work around CBDCs could be equally if not more significant for the world of money. Central banks around the globe are warming up to CBDCs, triggered by Big Tech, and their ambitions to build alternative payment rails to existing card and bank-based payment systems.

According to Citi, "The race towards Digital Money 2.0 is on. Some have framed it as a new Space Race or Digital Currency Cold War." - what do you think?

In this event Citi will present their latest report "FUTURE OF MONEY. CBDCs, Crypto and 21st Century Cash" and Mastercard will present their strategy for crypto currencies. MiraiEx will present their cryptocurrency marketplace and how they built it.


11.00: Welcome - by moderator Hans Christian Bjørne, COO at - Nordic Accelerator & VC

11.10: New Citi GPS Report presented by Ronit Ghose, Global Head, Banks Research & Co-Head, FinTech Theme Group, Citi

11.40: Mastercard's perspectives on the future of money and cryptocurrencies - Holly Jones, Director, Blockchain & Digital Currencies at Mastercard // Paul Graham, Vice President, Customer Innovation Solutions, Europe at Mastercard

12.10: Technical aspects concerning crypto/blockchain and payments, presented by Odd Gunnar Stakvik, Mastercard

12.30: Building a cryptocurrency marketplace, presented by Thuc Hoang, Founder and CEO, MiraiEx

12.50: Q&A

13. 00: Wrap up by - Nordic Accelerator & VC


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