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Sdgs after crisis UIB

SDG Conference Bergen 2021

10 FEB - 12 FEB

While the world has united behind the 2030 Agenda, rising global inequalities have long threatened to derail the progress made so far. Adding to this, the outbreak of covid-19 has had devastating impacts across the world. Recognizing this global fundamental challenge, the 2021 SDG Conference Bergen focuses on tackling global inequalities, relevant for all of the goals, to achieve a new path for sustainable development, after the crisis.

Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Søreide Eriksen will be opening the conference.

There are three keynotes:

  • Professor Kate Raworth, the author of the groundbreaking Doughnut Economics book, providing a visual framework for sustainable development
  • President Daya Reddy of the International Science Council
  • Director of the African Centre for Cities, Dr. Edgar Pieterse.


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