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Mind The Gap: Fintech Edition

22. April, 09:30 - 10:30

What goes into collaboration between large companies and startups? When does it work and when does it not? Along with TheHub@NHH and a couple of startups we will take a closer look at this and provide some interesting perspectives from fintech.

With changing market dynamics and an ever-increasing number of new companies attempting to innovate traditional financial services, the willingness and ability of established companies and startups to collaborate is a hot topic in fintech. What makes some partnerships succeed while others fail? We have teamed up with TheHub@NHH to shed some light on this!

Based on interviews with a number of startup founders and CIOs from large companies, the report Mind The Gap explores the factors of success and failure in this type of cross-industry collaboration. With us we have one of the authors, Bram Timmermans (NHH), who will share the most important findings.

To put these findings in a fintech context we have invited cluster members Axeptia and Horde, who will talk about their experiences in collaborating with bigger companies. We expect this to be an enlightening session!

This event will be in English.

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