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Postponed: Low-Coding - The New Normal (And Why You Should Start Doing It!)

26. March, 17:00 - 19:00

Low-code is changing the rules for app development! Come along to Avo Consulting and NCE Finance Innovation’s talk on low-code and learn how using it can help your organisation become more productive and innovative.

Low-code is fast becoming the new normal in app development.

Low-coding platforms make development of applications more intuitive by employing graphical interfaces and drag-and-drop configuration instead of traditional computer programming. Due to its visual layout, its set of components, and the minimal hand-coding required, low-code speeds up the process of building enterprise solutions and at the same time making it more accessible for non-coders.

According to research companies like Gartner and Forrester, the low-code market will grow substantially in the next few years and it is predicted that low-code platforms will provide the foundation for 65 % of all business application development by 2024.

Avo Consulting have long been using low-code and seen first-hand how it can lead to rapid gains within RPA, data analysis, virtual assistants and now even faster application development.

If this sounds intriguing to you, come along to Avo Consulting and NCE Finance Innovation’s seminar on low-code application development in fintech. Here we will show you how low-code can increase productivity and innovation in your organization in a short space of time.

Who should attend?

This event is for companies in the fintech sector. You don’t need to have technical expertise to attend – that is the point of low-coding! We will explain the benefits of low-code – illustrated with a relevant banking case - and show you some demos of how it works.


9.00-9.30: Breakfast and mingling

9.30-10.30: Low-code explained and demo of a authentication and signing application, and "one button" deployment.

10.30-11.00: Q&A

Hope to see you for a morning of highs and low-coding!

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