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Cyber Security in 20 minutes: DNB Annual Threat Assessment 2022

25. August, 10:00 - 10:20

A briefing of DNB’s Annual Threat Assessment for 2022, the report aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of relevant security threats from a one to three-year perspective. The intention is to provide input to security risk assessments at a strategic level, but also to raise awareness of security threats to DNB for all employees. The assessment is published openly so that other companies may draw from this information in their security work.

Linn works for DNB as a cyber threat analyst and incident responder. She has previous work experience in a similar role in Santander and as a consultant for Deloitte. Her background is with an MA in Intelligence and International Security from Kings College London, and an MA in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews.

About the format

Cyber security has never been more important, given recent developments. NCE Finance Innovation would like to contribute to the understanding and response to this by starting a series of short talks on the topic.

We will be covering cyber security from many angles - ranging from national security authorities, research, solution providers, collaboration projects, and so on. And we would welcome any suggestions for speakers.

The format is simple: a 20-minute talk, but no questions - in order to keep it short and sweet!

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