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CS20: Lessons from the ransomware attack on Norsk Hydro

29. September, 10:00 - 10:20

In 2019 a ransomware attack by a foreign hacker group shut down several key business areas of Norsk Hydro. The attack has since been estimated to have cost the company 800 million NOK, even though they never paid any ransom to the cyber criminals.

In his presentation, Knut Jostein Sætnan from Kripos will give some general insights into the nature of ransomware attacks, how Kripos is investigating these attacks, and some of the results and key learnings after investigating the Norsk Hydro incident in 2019.

Speaker /

Foto SAETNAN Knut Jostein

Knut Jostein Sætnan

Police Attorney

Knut Jostein Sætnan is a Police Attorney at the prosecution section in Kripos and works at the National Center for Cyber Security. He is responsible for the prosecution of the investigation of the ransom attack against Norsk Hydro in 2019 and is the Norwegian representative at the European Judicial Cybercrime Network at Eurojust, as well as Kripo's representative in the legal advisory group at FCKS (Joint Cyber ​​Coordination Centre).

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