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Central Bank Digital Currency Conference

21. October, 10:00 - 16:00
Lars Hilles gate 30, Media City Bergen

Together with Norges Bank, Simula UiB, and the University of Bergen, we invite you to the first Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) event in Bergen, Norway, in October 2022. The event is part of Norges Bank’s ongoing CBDC project and will consist of a conference on Friday, 21 Oct 2022, with talks by experts from industry, the central bank, and academia, followed by a hackathon, targeting the development of an open platform for central bank digital currencies.

These events have the purpose to engage with the community, enhancing learning on financial technologies and the role of CBDCs in the economy, as well as providing a common platform for sharing experiences and reflections on the future of CBDCs. The conference is an important venue for stakeholders to take part in an open dialogue that would benefit the continuous work with the design of CBDCs in Norway.

What is the current stage of CBDC development in Norway? What opportunities arise for business actors should CBDCs be launched? How are some international actors working with the development of CBDCs? What opportunities and risks do quantum technology provide to CBDCs? Are CBDCs something that decentralized finance would need and benefit from? These and several other questions will be discussed at the conference

Are you a student, academic, FinTech player, or citizen that wants to know more about CBDCs, we recommend that you register for the conference using the button below. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation message for your attendance. We look forward to seeing you in Bergen!

: Norges Bank, University of Bergen, Simula UiB
Event Partner:
NCE Finance Innovation

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