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Ai learn 2022

AI Learn: «Enable business model innovation with AI»

24. February, 13:00 - 16:00
Online & Physical

Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to radically transform the ways firms create, deliver, and capture value. However, many companies struggle to successfully assimilate AI capabilities into their business models and operations at scale.

We will in this hybrid seminar look into how AI capabilities enable business model innovation, how do we develop new - business models, products and services. We will meet several companies that has started the AI journey and look into what kind of issues and solutions they have found.


  • Introduction: 10 minutes: Norwegian Cognitive Center
  • Lecture: 20 minutes: A journey of digitization, how do Sharecat think in relation to the business model, digitization and use of AI: Dag Pettersen, CEO at Sharecat.
  • Lecture: 20 minutes. What do Tryg do about new business and product opportunities, digital ecosystem, and digitalization using AI: Karl Ove Aarbu, Head of Customer & Claim Analytics at Tryg & Adjunct Associate Professor at NHH
  • Break: 10 minutes.
  • Lecture: 20 minutes: How does a very traditional industry sector think about moving digitalization forward. Stig Frode Opsvik, CEO Proptech Innovation
  • Lecture: 20 minutes. How a digital solution that uses AI can change very manual and labor-intensive tasks and the business model around it. Miguel Silva, CEO at Visualyst
  • Mingling for those who attend at MCB (Max 30 people)

The target group is product developers, business developers, and managers. Keywords are within business modeling, organization, or product development. The event will be held at Media City Bergen Workshop and will be streamed live so you can register and attend either physically or as a virtual attendee.

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