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AI Inspire mars11

AI Inspire: How AI will transform business

11. March, 14:00 - 15:15

At our next event. we will hear about three unique AI cases from several different industry sectors and companies.

All the solutions presented are radical transforming businesses for the end-users and these cases will be presented by:

  • Simplifai: Simplifai has received an overwhelming reception in the market and winning contracts of implementing digital employees who simplify and automate work processes with the use of Ai
  • Electric Farm/Bergen Robotics: Electric Friends is developing innovative camera robotics and together with the AI company Bergen Robotics they have together developed an AI camera for the professional broadcast market.
  • Idean/CapGemini/Laerdal Medical: The consulting company has together with their client work through a design thinking process and further developed CPR mannequins who capture IoT sensor readings for every movement, helping trainers give detailed feedback to trainees -and help save lives.

The target group for this event is business developers, managers, project managers, and resources with some degree of tech competence or interest in innovation.

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