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Kristoffer Hammer

Strategic Advisor

Kristoffer is responsible for our work towards the EU. He helps with looking for funding for innovation, scaleup and commercialization for our members. He is also constantly looking for new ideas where we may cooperate with other European partners and achieve fantastic results and significant funding from the EU Commission.

Kristoffer has a similar role in the Media cluster and can therefore look for interesting and at times unusual cooperation across companies and industries, something he has already successfully managed.

Kristoffer was on a bit of a European tour before returning to his native Bergen in 2017. He has spent 22 years in Poland, Belgium and the UK, working mainly project management and company leadership with European funded projects in Central and Eastern Europe, lobbying and responsible advertising.

Talk to Kristoffer about EU-projects or ideas you have, where you need help to find expert help or where you simply are looking for opportunities for funding of your innovation and development.

Fun fact(s):
Kristoffer has been trained to crash cars, ranked as second in Europe in tapping beer, and is (periodically) an artist painter having exhibited in Brussels and London.