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Anna Myhrvold

Events & Community Manager

Anna joined the team after completing her internship in the cluster as a part of her master’s program during the spring of 2023.

Anna’s curious, positive and service minded spirit makes her a perfect fit for the position of Events & Community Manager in Finance Innovation. She is the go-to person for all activities and questions regarding the Fintech Hub; the clusters headquarters and co-working space.

In addition to being involved in the ongoing development of the Fintech Hub, Anna contributes to the cluster’s sustainability resource group, as well as being highly engaged in the planning of our annual flagship event: Norway Fintech Festival.

Along-side her role with the Finance Innovation team, Anna is currently finishing her last semester of the master’s program in Innovation and Leadership at Western Norway University of Applied Science.

Her ongoing master’s thesis focuses on the integration of AI-generated solutions for fraud detection in banking and finance.

You can talk to Anna about: Events, Norway Fintech Festival, Innovation, Sustainability Students /Academia, Fintech Hub and Membership.