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Lana for web 2



Svitlana Pozniakova



Lana joined the team in April 2022. She works part-time for the cluster from Oslo.

Having experience in the startup environment, both inside and out, she is working closely with the startups in the cluster and mentors early-stage companies on business development, investment opportunities, and partnerships.

She is also responsible for community engagement and works a lot on bringing Oslo and Bergen offices closer together to create collaboration opportunities and give our members a platform to get to know each other better.

She has work experience in consulting, community management, and accelerator program development from VIS and is a co-founder of fintech startup, Nexro.

Other stuff: She has been working as a certified personal trainer a while back and has experience in performance arts as a theatre actor.

Fun fact: She has a degree in fashion design and has started an apparel company back in her home country, Ukraine.