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Kari 2



Kari Elisabeth Dybwad


Kari is currently studying for a master’s degree in innovation and management, which has given her the opportunity to be an intern at NCE Finance Innovation. Her duties as part of the team are to plan, coordinate and organize conferences, write applications, attend meetings with members and partners in the cluster, and participate in as much as possible of things that are going on.

She has built her own unique bachelor’s degree with specialization in project management, psychology and personnel management. Kari has been the general manager of a youth company which, through good results in competitions, went all the way to the National Championships. There she was awarded the prize as Norway’s best seller. Last summer, Kari had the role as a coach at Emax, an innovation event for young entrepreneurs under the auspices of Innovasjon Norge.

You should talk to Kari about: Exciting and new ideas, startups, youth companies and tell about your own experience and expertice.She also enjoys watching cross-country skiing and biathlon, so feel free to have a chat about these sports as well.